Rules tightened on burning of garden waste in the Dorodgne

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Ian McGinty

Welcome back. Missed my little nutmegs of rural France.Seems recycling may not be the panacea that we all hoped it would be.Here in the UK we are now being asked to pay for our green waste bin collections, with a discount being offered for on line payments. The worry is it may lead to an increase in fly tipping or possibly, as in your case, increased garden fires.

Craig McGinty

Not sure over here we'd accept being charged twice for green waste removal - we pay our taxes and expect a service. Although, as you know, out in the sticks we have to take the rubbish to the bins ourselves anyway,

Ian McGinty

We are used to paying taxes then being charged a premium that's the way it works in the UK . Anytime anything works the powers that be whether it be central or local government find a way to get some additional funds out of it. The bins are going to be identified with a sticker this will mean you'll have to put your bin out at the last moment before collection because we've all seen what happens when a skip is left overnight..As for taking the rubbish to the tips the queues at Stretford and Altrincham are already long enough, any increase and they would need their own traffic policeman.

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