Animal rescue centres in France

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eric collard

I now live in France at sourderval 50150 ,I was born in uk and went to Australia in 1964 and used to bread German Shepards,and my last one died two years before I came to France and I miss them very much . So now I am looking for a dog I still love German Shepards ,but also love Border Collies and Spanels . but which ever I get must love Children as I have many friends with children. I have a big house and about two and half acers garden,with farms all around . and older dog would be nice . can you help . I will be going over to uk for three weeks on 10th of August . eric collard

Craig McGinty

Hi Eric, many thanks for your message. I would contact a couple of the sites mentioned in the article to see if they can help. They might not be close to where you live in France but I'm sure they will be able to point you in the right direction.
All the best, Craig


Hi Eric
I find myself in the difficult postion of having to leave France for a year for a posting abroad. Until about two hours ago my dog was to go to Scotland to stay with my brother but this has fallen through due to a change in his circumstances.

He is not a thouroughbred but a very handsome Epagneuil cross weighing in at 21kg. 4 Years Old, incredibly good natured and gentle, great with kids, cats and any other livestock you have around.

I am desparate to find him a good home, my ideal would be someone willing to foster him for a year but would consider letting him go to the right people. I don't know if you would be interested in this at all. If you might please e-mail me and I would be happy to discuss further he has a full pet passport so can travel if required. i am due to leave at the beginning of December.

Hope to hear from you

Craig McGinty

Hi Simon, just a note to say you can contact Eric directly by clicking on his name at the foot of his message, as this is a link to his email address.
All the best, Craig

laura McLaren

I am trying to work or give my time at a local animalcenter but who do i cointact, where do i go... please help me to help some animals

Craig McGinty

Hi Laura
I would contact a few of the sites mentioned in the article, even if they are not based close to your home I am sure they will be able to point you in the right direction.
All the best, Craig

Yingyi Fang

I'm looking to adopt a kitten however I'm having difficult finding information about how to and where to adopt. I live in St. Genis near the boarder of France and Switzerland. Any help would be appreciated.
pls contact me at


I am living in Paris, France at the moment and am searching to adopt a puppy although I am encounterering many difficulties. I am looking for a dog that will not shed because I have dander allergies and I also live in an appartment without a yard. So far, I am directing my searches toward the American Hairless Terrier. Please email me if anyone has any information on adoption agencies and such at:

Drew and Alan Guest

Hello, my partner and I are looking to 'adopt' a dog, but are having difficulty finding one that needs re-homing. We would like a small, young female dog. We have been lucky enough to have dogs in the past, but sadly our last one died of cancer aged 14 a few months ago, and we now feel we are ready to adopt a new one. We have a nice home and garden, plenty of time, and consider ourselves to be good owners. If anyone can offer us any advice on how to adopt or where to adopt, we would be very greatful! Are there rescue centres here? Can you just turn up at them like in the UK? We are willing to travel.

We live in Deux Sevres (79) but know no one here to ask, its just us!

Thanks in advance

Drew and Alan Guest

Craig McGinty

Hi Drew and Alan, I would click on through to the websites mentioned in the piece as a couple aren't too far away from you. Centres are likely to make a few checks as well as ask for a donation.
All the best, Craig

Drew and Alan Guest

Thanks Craig! Have emailed the St Aubin Animal Aid, so fingers crossed there! Checks and donation not a problem either. Finding it difficult to locate a female dog, all seem to be males around here..

Thanks for the reply

Drew and Alan

Craig McGinty

Hi Drew and Alan, hope the centres are able to help. I should have added you might want to check out another site I help with for rescued greyhounds:
All the best

Drew and Alan Guest

Hi, thought i'd say we are now the proud 'parents' of a two month old Maltese Bichon puppy called Mimzy! Was just about to give up hope on finding a suitable dog, when we got an email from a lady saying she had puppies! so yipee! lol!

Thanks for your website and advice,

Drew, Alan and little Mimzy.

Craig McGinty

Hi Drew, Alan and little Mimzy. Hope you are having a great time and plenty of fun.
All the best, Craig


When I was in Paris last year, I noticed many feral cats living in the cemeteries. Is there an organization that takes care of these cats? (spay/neuter, shots, etc.) I'd like to do a "volunteer vacation" next summer, for a month or so.

vivienne chandler

can anyone help me? I have a 12-13 year old black labrador who came to France from England with me. He lives outside and is a good guard dog but would never hurt anyone. My life has radically changed and I will have to put him down if I can't rehome him. He has a few years in him left still. I would be grateful for any suggestions as I am pretty desperate. I live in the Aude.


I have just relocated to Biarritz in the Aquitaine region of France. I am keen to improve my french and I am also a huge dog lover...(with a lovely Husky cross already). Please can you inform me of any dog homes/shelters around this area as i would like to voluteer.
Thank you

Anjali Bhide

I will be studying in Nantes from Feb 2009- July 2009, and was hoping to volunteer at animal shelters/homes in my free time as I am currently doing the same in Madrid. Any information would

Craig McGinty

Hi there, I would click on through to the sites mentioned as they will have contact details of centres both close to them and further away.
All the best, Craig

karen spragg

I am looking into moving to France with the intention of setting up an animal rescue centre. Does anybody know of any existing existing centres for sale, or land for sale which would fulfill the function?



living near Béziers, Hérault. an abandoned cat stalks our residence & is becoming a pest. any rescue/shelter/rehoming centres near here?

rob willis

hi i live at moment in england and am coming ti travel europe from september on and am looking for a conpanyon like a jackrussel or such like to share my trip with and to then surply a home for and to look after for rest of life thank you mr willis

bader al qatami

i am a student in french cuisine in paris i am kuwaiti 28 years old recently i have had my dog stolen and i was so attached to him that i stopped my studies to look for him and there was no use anyhow i am back on track studying now and i am looking to adopt a dog any breed but has to be not tooo big as i live in an appartment i had a chowchow of 1 year and a half old stolen many thanks contact me on thanks merci

Craig McGinty

It is worth clicking on through to the sites mentioned as they will have contact details of centres both close to them and further away.
All the best, Craig


Are there any sancturies in France that have farmed animals for adoption? I am vegan and have a small amount of land available in France.


Hi - moving to Strasbourg in a couple of months and won't be bringing my cat at first. Would love to foster cat or dog, but will most likely live in small apartment. Love all breeds.

Coral Luke

The SPA (Sauver Protéger Aimer) does a lot of work in saving animals including adoptions.

If you click on adoptions you can see a map of France and where SPA centres are. We adopted our latest kitten from one of the centres and when we got her we were given vouchers for food at a nearby garden centre which sells pet food. They also take cats and dogs for boarding but they have to be over a year old and be fully vaccinated. We received a vaccination record for Fleur and the first check up and top up vaccination was free.

Coral Luke

Another animal refuge site is

Craig McGinty

Hi Coral, many thanks for those additional sites, I've updated the piece with links to them.
All the best, Craig


My husband and I live in Boulogne. We have recently suffered the loss of our beloved poodle, Dharma.
We are seeking a miniature poodle pup, with a preference for female and black. Others considered, of course.
Please refer us to breeders in France or other methods of obtaining a healthy,sweet poodle puppy.
Many thanks ahead,

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