Win a copy of 24 Hours Paris, by Marsha Moore


Susan Nisar

I haven't been to Paris for years but I hope to go soon as my 6yr old son want to see the Eiffel Tower! @soggykipper

fly in the web

This would be great as there always seems to be horrible gaps between trains or 'planes arriving and trains or 'planes departing which could be fun filled instead of producing physical indigestion from eating something bought on the station and mental indigestion from reading a newspaper.


That is a very clever idea. Will be easy to use and helpful to anyone who wants to fall in love with Paris.


Can't wait to check out the hour-by-hour format!


Would love to have a copy!! :-)

Geoffrey Coan

well worth a try, hope I win


Looks interesting. Am always looking for new books about Paris!


Paris always takes me at least a week. I'd be fascinated to find out how it can be done in a day!

andrew jeffery

'please enter me into the competition'

oh yes please

Dave Ratcliffe

Having worked there in 1975 and been invited back to the Lido by a couple of the dancers in the early hours of the morning for the last show, I would love to know the places now to visit for an old, but young in heart and mind, 55 year old!!

Celine in Paris

would love to win a copy!!

Elaine Kelly

My Husband took me to Paris when we first fell in love many years ago. He took me there again to celebrate 30 years of marriage & now I would like to surprise him, by taking him somewhere SPECIAL in Paris to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Heath Eddy

This sounds like a terrific guide for someone who's read about Paris but never actually been there. I would love to win a copy.

"please enter me into the competition"


Yes please, would love to have a copy.


I would love to win this book, I love Paris, been 3 times in the last year, and the first time was only in April 2009. Now have lots of friends there who I visit.

I know quite a few areas but it would be great to find more :-)


I too love the hour by hour format.

Patrick O'Connell

Oh for 24 Hours in Paris ........ !!!!!

Wendy Barratt

After the lawnmower 24 Hours in Paris is fist on my wish list!

Wendy Barratt

I meant first I'm not being aggressive!

Lynn Phillips

Oh Paris a dream come true


Please enter me into the competition. Thank you

Penny S

I'm from New York; no way will I spend just 24 hours in Paris. But I'd love to see the book!

Trudy Fraser

We are New Zealanders and try to visit France most years as we just love it. I would very much like to spend time in Paris for my 60th next year please.

Ciara O'Carroll

Just what i need! And soon.... days/hours between 'stages' in paris need to be filled!


I read as may books about Paris as I can - and would love to win this one.

Virginia Spong

Please enter me into this competition.



Yes please, I'd love a copy to lend my Australian cousins who are visiting Paris for a day in July.

mike streeter

24 hours is never enough time in Paris - 24 weeks, now that's a different proposition!

Jane Willis

I have a copy of the London edition of this book and it is absolutely brilliant, packed with ideas for interesting and unusual things I'd never have thought of doing. I'd love to have a copy of the Paris one too, so that next time I visit the city I can really explore it properly whatever the time of day or night.

Don Orgeron

please enter me into the competition... will be visiting in November. Thank you.

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