Nearly 8-out-of-10 support Sunday hunting ban

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A lot of hunting in France is done for 'fun'! I have seen personally what these hunters do to some of their victims and it is not a pretty sight - some are extremely perverse in their killing of an animal - its disgusting and they find it amusing. And also they involve children so they can follow on the so-called 'tradition'. Killing animals in the manner in which they do and then pose for photos with their 'kill' lying on the ground in front of them bleeding is disgusting. Its humans that need culling not animals. Who wants to bump into hunters when out enjoying a walk or whatever. Hunting belongs in the archives along with the other medieval ways - I want to see live animals not hear them being shot. Its the one thing I detest about France and I'm sure it puts a lot of people holidaying in the so-called chasse season. Nature has its own way of 'culling' without human interference. The plain truth is they enjoy killing full stop!

Brian Doswell

I guess these days no one likes the thought of hunting as a 'sport', on the other hand, here in Provence we are currently overrun with Sanglier (wild boars). A herd of between thirty and forty live in the woods nearby and regularly wreck our gardens regardless of electric fences and rigid grills which the seem immune to. My neighbour, a local chasseur, claims to have shot two hundred plus, last year and they are still back in force with three of four piglets for each sow. These animals also roam the roads at night and wreck the verges as they forage for food. Beware the rocks in the road when the split your tyres.

Craig McGinty

Many thanks for your comments, it is a very difficult and sensitive subject, I do wonder if in some areas the growing importance of out of season tourism will see things change.

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