A tour of the orchids on a Dordogne hillside

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Michael & Ann Hall, Cladech

For over 40 years we have enjoyed the wonderful wild Aquitaine orchids. The road verges were in parts almost solid with thousands of all sorts. Sadly, the current devotion to cutting the grass verges earlier & earlier has destroyed most of these lovely plants. As an example, the road from Merle (in Cladech) down to the River Dordogne at Envaux was one of the most memorable, two weeks ago we discovered just one or two lone plants.

It would be fantastic if each commune selected one or more of these little country lanes for late cutting of the verges to preserve the orchids, they could again become orchid paradise.

Craig McGinty

Dear Michael & Ann,
Lovely to hear from you, and I have read of some places operating 'fauchage tardif' where they at least delay the cutting of verges. Maybe such ideas take time to spread.

It is a shame to see some communes are a bit trigger happy when it comes to cutting verges, often claiming that it is a question of road safety.

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