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"MEPs strengthened the draft law’s data protection clause to preclude tracking of eCall-equipped vehicle before the accident occurs."
oh yeah ? really ? so it wont be used by the state for automatic road charging then ? ha bl@@dy ha !!
"Manufacturers will also have to ensure that the eCall technology design permits full and permanent deletion of data gathered." deletion of data where exactly ??? how are they going to do that ?


My heart dropped when I read this. Admirable as it it is to want to save our lives it really isn't any business of centralised government to force this upon us. This is typical of the bureaucracy masquerading as democracy which burdens us all. This facility is offered Free ! So the manufacturers wont be adding the cost to the vehicles price? or is the EU going to pay out of our taxes? no wait, the Chinese are giving it to us as an act of good will!
This sort of patronizing idiocy is another typical bit of EU socialist twodle. Politicians just can't resist 'gee-wiz' technology, it makes them look big and forward thinking which is all that matters to them, and no one gets to hear of the huge costs that have to written off because it doesn't work or the monstrous overspend to make a dead duck quack which is then swept quietly under the carpet.
Next, how long before, due to 'exceptional security needs' will EU cars be required to report on their whereabouts and driving habits (This ball has already been started by Aviva insurance), we are also likely to be blessed soon with 'security' ante-law-breaking software, which will follow us around 'for our own safety' and other forms of dictatorial double speak and will issue fines automatically. I believe most modern cars already report back to manufacturers details of journeys taken. As one of the bosses said "we even know if there's a baby on board and the vehicle is exceeding the speed limit".
More interfering and unnecessary petty time wasting legislation to justify their existence when the real threat is just outside the door with wolverine Russia wanting to take some of her babies back (note Czech Republic) . Talk about re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
And who is this good deeds nanny MEP Olga Sehnalova of the 'Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament'? Did I ever hear of her, did I even know she existed to be voted for. Do I want her do good interference in my life - No. I'll definately be voting to get out of the EU and its socialist agenda.

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