Last chance to keep expats’ WFP

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Patricia Bottomley

I live in the Dordogne France where it has been as cold as --minus 18 degree,s .I am a female and only get £350... State Pension every 4 weeks and this fuel allowance makes such a difference to my keeping well in the winter time .Please don,t take it from me regards Patricia

Brian Hopkins

My wife and I have moved to the rural Vendee, mid Western France from rural West Wales just 6 years ago. During the winter hereabouts, it is often much colder than we ever knew in West Wales - down to minus 15 is not unusual. We rely on our wood burner to keep us warm since we do not have central heating. Our precious winter fuel allowance makes an important contribution to our fuel costs. I will pass 70 next birthday, not a time to be losing any kind of benefit especially after an unbroken working life of 45 years making contributions!

Craig McGinty

Many thanks for your comments, I am sure many other British people in France have a similar need for the winter fuel payment.

Hopefully there will be a change by the government, I'll keep the site up to date if there is.

Rosemary Bell

I live in Ain, on the border with Switzerland - we frequently go below -10c. I only had a short period of working in the UK and assume that is the reason that my application formthe WPF was ignored.

Patricia Bottomley

Please please don,t take our fuel allowance away .I have worked for nearly. 49 years never claimed a penny .It just would not be right to penalise pensioners just because we have moved abroad

David Shaw

I believe that eligibility for this allowance should relate to temperatures where you live. This is easily available and capable of being checked.

As someone receiving a government pension, and paying UK income tax upon it, it is unfair to deny me access to benefits I am contributing towards through my taxes.

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