Legislation to end winter fuel allowance for UK expats begins progress in Parliament

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valerie addy

As usual it doesn't matter what thd people say, governments that make these decisions do not take heed to anything the people, their voters say. Its a forgone conclusion.
We live in France and temperatures where we live are much the same as Uk and often much volder in the winter, minus 15 is not un common. We dont go to warmer climates for the winter months, we cannot afford to.

Craig McGinty

Thanks for your comment Valerie, the strange reasoning behind using the temperature to stop the payments never stood up to investigation. But it seems the government was keen to end the payment in any way possible.

Pamela Cullen Davidson

We live in France and near Jersey: will pensioners in the Channel Isles continue to receive the winter fuel allowance? Logic is no longer used in Government decisions; it's 'How will it look as a Daily Mail headline?'

Craig McGinty

Hi Pamela, I don't think people in the Channel Islands have ever received the payment as they are considered outside the UK and not within EU, similar to the Isle of Man. But that is still no excuse for the use of French overseas territories to work out overall average temps.

William Hannant

There is a petition going around on the internet I have been told and the eu promised to look into it if the uk government passed it in parliment.

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