Record number of forced evictions of Roma by French authorities

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The persecution of the Roma people in France has now crossed into the ridiculous. Ten thousand individuals evicted in the first six months of 2013 is appalling for the French who consider themselves one of the most enlightened nations. Where is the equality and liberty?

J Roger Clifford-Banks

Andrine (above) uses the word 'persecution' of the Roma people. Frankly I don't think it matters what your nationality may be; it's the building of shanties on Parisian roundabouts, in Hyde Park, and elsewhere, that the authorities don't like. I'm sure that if either she, or I, were to build something similar; we would be moved-on too!

J Fuller

The Roma do not integrate in their home countries. They seem to have a unique way of life, which is probably why they have problems in their home countries.
If they are allowed to stay in France and provided with accommodation, the problem would grow because more would come here.
The answer is for them to learn to integrate in their home countries.

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