Show TV in 'version originale' with subtitles, says MP

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Van Beveren

Indeed and at LAST someone realises that French people need to have movies etc. in the original version as to be able to at least and first and foremost understand the foreign language with its different accents etc. and last but not least be able to reproduce, meaning speak the language in the way native speakers can at least understand them... If not, France will get far behind on the international scene, because their young people still don't learn to speak foreign languages properly. The main cause lies with the quality of language education say the language teachers. Their accents are below standard and native speakers should be employed for these jobs. French people won't like this comment, but it is true. Compare yourselves to your neighbors and you'll see. A shame for young people still NOT to have acquired an acceptable level of proficiency in foreign languages in general. Never say never, but it's about time! By the way, the same problem occurs in Germany, Italy and Spain. If you attend a conference or work in an international environment and you get together for a meeting, it shows all the more.

Meg Shephard

At last some common sense. This would help my students so much, especially with American films. It would also help me to learn more French!
Is there a petition we can sign?

Craig McGinty

I think Denis Jacquat might face a fight to get the rule through, but you can show your support and visit his website direct via:

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