Scythe through time grass cutting as the day awakens

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There's a lot of it about. I scythed for the first time this week and think it will make my strimmer redundant. (Off to see which blade I have now...)

J Roger Clifford-Banks

I once witnessed a man (to the north of here) scything his lawn. He did just as good a job as a mower, although I suspect it might have taken him a bit longer. A remarkable sight.

Craig McGinty

I know I'm going to investigate further, and hope I can get to a level where I can mow the grass with the scythe alone.


I have scythed longer grass for the past five years. It's relaxing,a brilliant finish and quiet. It's a form of meditation (but not too deep, you'll amputate your foot if you're an amateur!) You need to dampen the sharpening stone to ensure a really good edge.
A local farmer, admiring my work asked if I was 'origine paysanne). I said no, born and bred in London, only able to identify sparrows and pigeons. However, having done some family research, half my family to the end of C19 were agricultural labourers in Sussex, so I can now say proudly 'C'est mon héritage!' Vive la faux.


More on scything! I have spent the time since I last posted on the Scythe Shop website. Oh! Wonderful! Thank you.

Craig McGinty

Hi Gina, must admit there is a certain contemplative air about it and sorry if you got lost in the Scythe Shop ;)


Wish I could say the scything is bordering on an obsession. Not so. It's a full obsession. Now sadly I can recommend Youtube's scything videos. My favourites are:
(Woodstock lives!)
and especially: How to hone a scythe blade
(Hesitant delivery, but great info and view it in full screen to get the angles of the whetstone [See what I mean about obsession?]).
Found another old scythe in the barn, needs re-angling and honing, but what else is retirement for? Peening jig purchase comes next.

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