Choosing satellite broadband in France

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We are in one of those areas that doesn't have ADSL via the phone lines. Our commune got together with others and had a company called Meshnet install a system of aerials and relays around the countryside that beam broadband to an individual aerial on the house. So far it has been pretty effective and when there have been problems (electrical storms etc) the company has fixed it in good time. I believe the commune had financial help with paying for the network of aerials.

Peter Elliott

We live right out in the country, and will never get an ADSL standard via our phone line. Therefore we have satellite internet. There is no comparison between the two services currently. We used Nordnet for 18 months and the service was expensive, and the speeds unsatisfactory. In contrast Tooway Direct provide a good value service, and acceptable speeds. We have ADSL standard download (just under 4 mega) and upload speeds. We get a satellite phone service as well. For those living in the Toulouse area I would recommend Paul Stevens as an installer of Tooway:

Craig McGinty

Thanks for the messages, I think you highlight that there are alternatives if people are willing to track them down.

Richard Bill

Can someone be specific within the Lot please and suggest which communes have been supportive in helping us find financial help AND in offering a list of all potential companies offering ADSL links via the internet. Some UK companies seem to be operating here. Many thanks.

Craig McGinty

Hi Richard, ADSL is the internet access you receive over the telephone line, I'm not sure if you can receive this. Communes have been working together to establish 3G mobile access, or so-called WiMax that is a more powerful version of wifi. Your local mairie might be the best place to ask at first, but also your prefecture. The satellite broadband mentioned in the article is a different type of access altogether, sometimes there is support but usually it is an individual decision to install it.

mike rogers

i live in the cruese on the border with the allier, we tried wifi max but the signal was very unreliable which was unfortunate as the it was unlimited for €26.00 a month are only prospect is satellite but as they all use tooway there isnt much competition on price and very limited with the so call fair use policy and nearly double the price, if you have to buy the equipment that and the connection fee can be over €400.00 some provide the kit on a rental basis providing you go for the higher 10 mb servise.
would like to hear from any one in my area who can advise on which supplier to use?

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