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Richard Bill

Are such kits for sale now within France? Please add some pointers as to where one finds them in, for example, the Lot.

Craig McGinty

Hi Richard,
I'm afraid there is no official notice on the http://www.securite-routiere.gouv.fr/ website so I can't be exactly sure what the kits will involve.
I'm watching that site and keeping my eyes open elsewhere to try and track down a definitive answer.
Naturally I will update the site once I've more info.
All the best, Craig

Lesley Winters

Hi there,
You can get the breathalyser kits either on eBay or Amazon. They do range in price quite a lot, i.e. from about £2.00 up to about £70.00! but even the basic ones should do the same job. Check it out!
All the Best,


It would be helpful to have a link (albeit in French maybe) to the actual law.

At this moment - Is it LAW yet, or a PROPOSAL for Law?
There is no official notice on the http://www.securite-routiere.gouv.fr/ website.

According to the 2nd comment of this link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2104252/New-French-law-makes-breathalyser-kits-compulsory-motorists.html

"Ref: breath test kits - This is not yet the case. None of the legislation has hit the staute books. If stopped and required to proved a specimen of breath for a breath test, the equipment will still be provided by the law enforcement officer concerned. My local adjutant in the gendarmerie says that his service has not been advised of the implementation of the legislation, and in any case agrees with me, that a self administered chemical tube breath test is only a guide, and that it is more probable, that the electrical apparatus will still find a positive test after such a home blown tube. ..........

- Christopher Jackson, Department of Creuse - France, 22/2/2012 19:00"

Craig McGinty

Hi SM, I'm afraid that is one of the difficulties I am facing.
I can't actually find an official mention of the legislation covering the breathalyser kits.
If I do cross anything I'll make sure I update the site straight away.
All the best, Craig

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