Study raises health concerns about radio masts near homes

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What are we talking about here, radio masts or mobile phone masts!

Craig McGinty

Hi Resonator, mobile phone radio masts or antenne-relais de téléphonie mobile.

Brian Doswell

Why is it that we continue to wonder about the harmful effects of radio waves? Who does not have a microwave oven? All radio waves work on the same principle, only their strength and frequency varies. How do you want to be cooked, one minute at full power or all your life at a low dose? On the other hand, how would you get by without the remote controls for your gates, television,car door locks, mobile phones, games-consoles, satnav, etc.
This year I can switch my Christmas tree lights on and off from my armchair. Yes, another radio remote in the house. . . .
I think we should stop pretending to be surprised and settle for being served medium-rare.

Ian Gillis

Were I to live in an HLM with 12 to 14 antennas on the roof, I'd complain too, and I'd quite likely substantiate my complaint with unprovable and subjective stories of noises in the head, difficulty in sleeping and improvement when I go away. Quasi-scientific non-government pressure groups like ASEF should employ scientific methods for their research before seeding shock-horror stories in the press.


It is fact that the radiation from most vertical antenna systems is at a minimum directly below the mast.

The maximum point of radiation from such an antenna system particularly mobile phone systems is about 300 metres away from the antenna where the main lobe of the antenna starts to appear.

These are findings of many measurements carried out by the Radiocommunications Agency now part of Ofcom in UK as part of the Stewart Report Study at schools and other buildings that requested surveys to be carried out.

A lot of people complain about mobile phone base stations but the potential of any health effect is really from the phone itself when held next to your head.

However, when you look at most people using a phone these days it's more likely they will be using it for text messaging, accessing Facebook etc and talking to people is a secondary consideration.

You can reduce the potential harm (if there is any) by using a hands free device so your phone isn't directly next to your head.

Steve... former Ofcom Radio Engineer of some 30+ years......

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