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J Roger Clifford-Banks

For a moment I imagined it was April 1st!

Geoffrey Coan

Flipping 'eck, another thing to have to buy now if this does become law. I'm not sure I've ever seen breathalysers for sale in France - I guess this'll encourage the hypermarkets to start stocking them now.
The rest of the article is interesting, installation of 400 new speed cameras by the end of 2012, more mobile speed cameras, a plan for variable speed limits and (typical of France), establishment of a national day for 'Road Accident Victims'. The latter will no doubt be cause for another day of the shops being shut!

Gary Langton

Never seen breathalysers for sale and wonder if they will stay at around €2 each if it becomes law - it's almost a license for printing money. Does Sarkozy have shares in one of these companies or do they simply support his campaign in some way?

Assuming we have one in the car, under which circumstances are we supposed to use it? The yellow jacket usage is clear, when you break down, but do we understand (yet) when it will be obligatory to use this breathalyser, or is it just for show?

Can a policeman force you to use it and thus save money on having their own? And, if he makes you use it, I assume he can't "nick" you for then not having an operable one in the vehicle! How long do you have to replace it?

This is complicated and a rubbish idea, because I can only see it saves the police money on buying and using these devices and it won't stop people drinking who drink!

Carol Miers

If you have it and don't use it and are caught over the limit is that worse? Or if you use it and ignore it, then I guess that would be just irresponsible. But I think many people will say they lost it or carry one that does not work so then they can say 'I had no idea officer'. Still it should ensure President Sarkozy's downfall.

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