French artist who taught Lowry how to paint

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J Roger Clifford-Banks

...and the illustration; a Lowry or a Valette?

Craig McGinty

'tis a Valette :)

J Roger Clifford-Banks

In which case I might almost suggest plagiarism.

Craig McGinty

The Guardian has described him as 'the Monet of Manchester'

Chris Jones

I've been to see this exhibition on its first day. If the London art critics can only shift their a***s up the M6, then Valette's reputation must be set to take off.

I'm not an exceptionally arty type, but this exhibition was thrilling in that tired word's true, physical meaning.

In Manchester, Valette is always mentioned first as a key influence on Lowry, and this exhibition ( in the space right next door to the large, permanent exhibition of Lowrys) shows exactly how justified that reputation is and what a debt we all owe him for that. The embarassing shock of the exhibition is to suddenly realise how narrow minded our "Oh, yes - Lowry's teacher" reaction is. Valette's paintings are clearly those of a world-class artist, and seeing them gathered together was a joy.

I suspect that the private owners who have lent their Valette's for the exhibition will not be repenting thir generosity. If Mr BS (you know who this apt pair of initials belong to) and his ilke DO condescend to appear, and give this exhibition the write-up it deserves, then the owners will very soon be revising their insurance policies (just add a nought).

Go and see this exhibition - WHEREVER you live. Brits need to see the man who brought impressionism to Manchester. An the French need to find this new artist to be hugely proud of.

PS The one strange disappointment of the exhibition is this. Although so many private owners have lent their Valettes, the biggest and most famous "Impressionist Manchester" paintings, including the wonderful "Albert Square" are missing. And which owner has not released the best Valettes of all to this hugely important exhibition, the best chance in years to give one of Manchester's artists the reputation he deserves at World level ?? Answer: the Manchester Art Gallery!!!!

Art journalists, awake! There's a strange story here - get on the trail.....!

PPS The Lowrys aren't half bad either!

Craig McGinty

Many thanks Chris for your comment and I really hope people are able to visit The Lowry for the exhibition.

It sounds as though it would be well worth people's time.

All the best, Craig

Chris Jones

You've chosen a good picture to illustrate the Lowry connection. Have a look at "The Hawker's Cart" by Lowry.....

Good view of it here s$907,000-Hawker's-Cart-ends-a-good-week-for-artist-LS-Lowry.../

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