Invasion of the Asian bee-eating hornet

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Susan Walter

I'm glad to see that after the emotive beginning of this article the author did actually quote some proper scientists talking sense at the end. I do sympathise with the apiarists, but the hysteria has lead to some really inappropriate methods of control, such as beer traps which actually catch and kill more bees than hornets. The cases where people have been attacked have been very unusual circumstances. They normally co-exist with humans perfectly peacefully, often with the humans blissfully unaware of their presence (this is according to an entomologist contact of mine in the heart of their French territory). I saw my first (and only) one a few weeks ago here in the Touraine. The article refers to them as 'enormous', but in fact they are smaller than the native hornets.

Craig McGinty

Hi Susan, many thanks for your comment and I must admit I was at a talk some time ago about tackling the hornets and some of the methods described were very Heath Robinson!

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