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Paul L Davies

The cgt changes on second homes are effectively a retrospective tax. People have invested on the basis of a set of exemptions which are now being removed after they have been lawfully acquired. It is like a bank removing interest payments which it has already paid.

Rob (OurFrenchGarden)

Paul L Davies' comment above is spot on.

It is indeed a retrospective tax. Where else can such a principle apply? Surely any changes should affect future purchases with notice, not anything sold which could have been purchased many years ago under a good CGT incentive.

Is it legal?


Craig, how did you calculate 20 000 in your example?
Is it not 500k -250k * 20% = 50 000 euros potential cost?

Guillaume Barlet



In addition to the deductions, other amounts are deducted from the capital gain such as works carried out on the property. The application of the 19% tax is therefore made on less than the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

In any case, the system explained above has been abandoned for another one.

I hope this helps.

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