A tour de force from the Tour de France

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Chris Comley

We did the tour "in person" when it passed near us a year or so back. Yes, I guess, if it comes near you, take a day and "do" it. It's quite fun to see as a spectacle. The "Caravan" with all the fancy-dress cars, freebies being hurled... But don't expect to see much actual racing. After sitting around for a couple of hours waitint for the caravan (if you don't get there that early you won't get a space, and you won't even get in as the roads are closed) then waiting a while longer, then "whazz", that was it, time to go home. :-) IT's a great social event though, everyone's chatty and friendly, including the gendarmes dealing with the road closures etc. Cross your fingers fora nice day however, I should imating it's miserable in the rain.


Great article. The Tour is a fantastic spectacle. We take it in every year it comes close enough to us. This year it went through our village of Nouzerines. I've blogged about it. It's definitely something to see at least once when you're in France.

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