The verb 'tweeter', or to tweet, added to French dictionary

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Ian W Mitchell(mr le Marquis)

Yes, well.....Radio and TV stations actually have their own accounts with these "Social Services" so how they can be stopped from mentioning them seems to be a mystery.
Just yesterday, I believe, I watched (and heard) on TF1 "Treize Heures" many reference to "Tweeter" as part of a report on your subject - New words in French Dictionaries....Doesn't seem to work their new directive!
It's very much the same with "hidden publicity" when a logo on a "T" Shirt is made blurred, and in the background other (people, buses, commercial vehicles) with much larger publicity messages are left untouched!
It's impracticable, that's all!

Craig McGinty

Thanks Ian for your comment, must admit the blurred logos on TV just look stupid, and is just disrespectful of the audience.

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