Pay for Liber-t on autoroutes in France in sterling

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Chris Comley

Hmm. I note it's a little more expensive than we pay for ours in Euros, but probably by a lot less than it would cost you to open a french bank account to get the facility. I believe motorway company ALIS also have a UK sales line and a deal UK users can access.


Libert-t is brilliant (as I may have mentioned before!) if you are travelling in a right hand drive vehicle on your own. You approach, the transponder lets you through with a beep as the barrier goes up, and on all but busy holiday journeys there is no queue (anyway the Liber-t queue is always shorter and quicker). You pay for the original transponder, money back when you return it if no longer wanted, and you only pay for the mileage you do on an autoroute, plus a small charge for the month in which you use it. That charge used to be 2€, but probably changed. Anyway it's negligible for the convenience and if you only use it a few months a year it's very much more worth it. I pay through my French bank account on direct debit. I have never had any problems in the 5 years I have been using it, even when they mislaid the transponder I sent back (but send it recorded delivery), they refunded my money. I find them so helpful I woudn't travel without. Also as a rather stately driver, I find the irritated speed at which the non Liber-t customers roar past me with gritted teeth 10 kilometres up the road very gratifying.

Craig McGinty

Many thanks for the comments :)

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