France backs down on health cover for early retirees

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Ian W Mitchell(mr le Marquis)

If they have to pay like I do then OK, but if they're just sitting around their swimming pools (unlike me) and want bettertreatment for free.....then NO!


About time too! It always went against the EU aims of "freedom of movement" that people like me could not have the healthcare to which they ought to be entitled. The DHS in the UK even confirmed that if I'd stopped working in the UK and didn't pay another penny into the system I'd still be entitled to free NHS care. So why not in France?


We would have moved to France in 2008 but for the fact Mr S changed the healthcare rules. We have no objection to paying into the system but could not afford private healthcare in UK so why France. I will be wotking but my husband has had a strenous job in UK worked hard all his life for very little money so he deserves an early retirement. I certainly hope this will be good new for us and everyone else in the same situation.

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