Ryanair to add €2 fee to all tickets

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Martino Matijevic

I had mixed views hearing that Ryanair will add a €2 euro levy to all fares from Monday to cover its costs of compensating passengers under EU regulation 261. It appears the whole industry is uniformly against this regulation, however it comes as no surprise that Ryanair is first to pass this cost on to its customers. You can’t blame any business feeling perplexed about having to compensate where it was clearly not at fault, but I’m curious about the science behind how Ryanair came up with this seemingly arbitrary €2 figure!

Another concern is whether customers will be deterred from buying travel insurance because they think the airline has to pay for delays and cancellations whatever happens. The trouble is that insurance companies can escape paying out on ‘force majeure’ incidents as an ‘act of god’ when the poor airlines are still saddled with these costs. Whatever the reasoning behind the EU regulations, someone has to pay and it looks like that will ultimately be passengers regardless!

Nicholas Fokias

The trouble is when I see yet another reason Ryan Air is putting up its prices I can see no further than this unscrupulous airline taking yet another opportunity to fleece its customers.Why 2 euros? The chances are we'll never know but you can bet your bottom dollar it probably costs a tenth of that sum to administer and risk.

Peter Griffin

You pays your money and takes your choice!

One uses Ryanair based on economic considerations and convenience, if one could get a BA first class flight for the same Ryanair fare one would use BA (perhaps?). Personally I sleep on any flight and over the years have found that I can sleep just as soundly for 6 euros as 600 euros.

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