Keep an eye out for ticks

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Peter Griffin

Do not attempt to remove the tick with tweezers as there is a danger that the head will become detached from the body and remain in the skin causing nasty infections.

The best way I have found is to use cotton wool soaked in chloroform (may be obtained from your pharmarcy) applied to the tick, after a few seconds it is dead and then can be removed with tweezers or similar.

I believe there are proprietary gadgets for tick removal also obtained from the local vet/pharmarcy.

Good hunting.

Beryl Brennan

Ticks are also a major problem on horses too. We didn't get them on our horses in the UK, but from January onwards in France, the little blighters crawl up the horses' legs and faces (when the horses put noses down to pick at grass) and head for the poll, between the ears. If enough of them collect, then it can cause serious illness in the horses.

Treat with Butox, the only thing which works. Get a bottle of concentrate, 5ml to 100ml water, spray on every 4 or 5 days, especially after rain.

Would like someone to tell me exactly what useful purpose ticks play in our life cycle?!

Craig McGinty

Hi Peter and Beryl, many thanks for the those 'tips on ticks' and must admit I do wonder what they bring to Mother Nature!

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