open sales of winter 2011/12 flights to France

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Serge Lescouarnec


Just curious, are you part of Jet 2 'affiliate program'.
I thought I saw that when I clicked on Jet 2 link.
Should it be disclosed in the post if you are indeed part of their affiliate program?

Good day


Craig McGinty

Hi Serge, many thanks for the comment and there are affiliate links in many of the new flights or ferry crossings stories I cover.

I write a lot of these and having to mention the affiliate link in each one would be rather tedious for people, and they are informational articles.

Also where there is no affiliate arrangement I'll still write these up, for example, Ryanair and CityJet.

And were I've written about flight delays, such as last year's ash cloud, these do not feature affiliate links.

Hope this helps,

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