Gas prices in France may increase by 5%

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iwmpop (mr le marquis)

Just about 1 year ago, there was an announcement made by the energy companies, both EDF and GDF that there aim was an increase of 20% in a year.
Rapidly rejected by the Sarkozy Government, we have been able to follow the slow but steady increase in both commodities to just round about 20% in the year!
By the time the next increase in EDF prices arrives (in about 2 months) we will have arrived. The 20% achieved! In fact, they will then be talking about the next increase!
It is a wicked joke - not Governments run the place, but the commodity companies.
I don't have Gas, but like everybody else, I'm just stumbling from one Electricity bill to the next! I don't seem to do anything else but try to figure out how to pay the next one.
My figures, from 5 years ago, show that my monthly EDF bill has gone from around an average over 12 months of 60euros to around 139euros.
My pensions, like everyone elses, have effectively gone down, due to Health Insurance increases, by over 7%. wouldn't make any sense to change the Country - it's the same everywhere.
So - just how do these totally ignorant politicians and business men think we are going to pay their excessive demands? No pay - no power, but no pay means less money for their bonuses as well....How sad for them......!

Craig McGinty

Things do seem to be getting very tight for many and you begin to wonder just how difficult life will be for people.

sally Jeanne-Elam

so how much is that per bottle?

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