Reminder about registration form for your gite in France

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Hi Craig, as we are nearing completion of our new gites I popped into the Mairie to advise them and ask about registration and was told there was no registration system. Should I just download the form from your link and drop it off to them anyway? Presumably the details are collated on a central register but if the Mairie aren't aware of the requirement it is unlikely to go anywhere. Any advice welcome please. Steve

Craig McGinty

Hi Steve, I'm not surprised that the details of the registration forms have not trickled down, it often seems the case.
I'd take a blank one in at first, as there are not too many entry fields to complete anyway, just so the Mairie can make its own enquiries.
Would be interested to know how things progress, so feel free to leave another comment to help other readers.
All the best, Craig

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