The woodsman's life in a French forest

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Susan Walter

Excellent article. My impression is that forests here are managed much more wholistically than many other places, and often with the commune in mind. I'm always very pleased to see how little clear felling goes on.

carol miers

Actually Martin did mention how upset he was when he bought his woods and an area had been ruthlessly cut down, but even then probably not the kind of clear felling as we see in pictures of rainforests. He uses the local knowledge. The know-how of thinning, copicing, felling remains in the community. He also spoke about combined crops; pines and chestnuts, felling the chestnuts first. It's a real inspiration.

J Roger Clifford-Banks

Well done Martin. A true woodsman who cares! The world could do with a lot more like him. Another great article, Carol. Merci.

Spencer Byles

My husbands project has become very popular in just a few months. After reading your article i thought this maybe of interest. Regards Paula.

Spencer Byles

interesting writing and images.

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