Euro exchange rate for income tax returns

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Phil Voice

This is brilliant...thanks Craig.

I asked my accountant about how to calculate the monthly exchange rate for micro-enterprise submissions and all he could tell me was that they get monthly rates sent to them.

Now I can see what the monthly averages are quickly without guessing.

Craig McGinty

Glad I could help ;-)


At our local Tax Office last Friday, where they helped us fill in our form for 2009, for Sterling the rate was given as 1.087 (or 0.9199 if you prefer it that way around).

Sue Morrison

Which departement do you live in? It seems to vary, so we would all be wise to phone our own Tax Office and use either that or the generally published rate, whichever is most advantageous. When in Rome....

Craig McGinty

Hi Sue, I am in the Dordogne, and as you highlight there seems to be no real agreed figure to use. People can track down their local Tresor Public through the link above and hopefully get a definitive explanation.
All the best, Craig


When I telephoned the French national tax helpline number a couple of years ago they told me to use the Bank of France exchange rate for 31st December.

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