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Evening Hérault

Quel dommage! From a month's time we will basically be Bremnerless. Both of us are regular readers of Charles Bremner's blog. We wouldn't be looking up that much else on the Times's website, so it's not worth our while signing up for the paid-for service.

Craig McGinty

Will be a shame to see him go behind the paywall. I'm sure Charles has little choice in the matter, but always thought that deep down journalists and writers want to be read by as many people as possible.


I would say that 2EUR a week is too much, that's at least 8EUR a month.
All these little charges here and there really add up.

Consider that I pay 30EUR per moth for internet/tv/phone. The price of *just* the times is 25% of my total internet/media cost !
IMO, that's say too much.

I'd be willing to pay, say 2EUR a month. That's a lot more reasonable.

Craig McGinty

Thanks for the comment Nigel, it does make you wonder if some sort of 'bundled' offer will soon be made available. All the best, Craig

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