While out for a walk, I spotted a snake

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J Roger Clifford-Banks

It's a grass snake. Great swimmers, and great consumers of springtime pondlife.

Craig McGinty

That's what it is doing there ;-)
Thanks Roger

Jean Brookes

We've seen snakes here already - rather earlier than usual this year. Warm summer coming perhaps?


Glad we aren't coming to see you yet with all these critters around. What will you have lined up for September I wonder? Keep Holly safe.

Craig McGinty

Hi Jean and Pat (my mum),
There might be a few surprised squeals if we are in for a long hot summer and a few of these guys jump out in front of people!
And the snakes should be bigger by September and so easier to see ;-)

J Roger Clifford-Banks

Not as bad as the aussie snakes thank goodness! It is lovely to be able to walk about here without fear of crocs, spiders, snakes and other creatures not to mention mossies and having to spray yourself with insect repelant and sunscreen every time you leave the house as well as filling up water bottles and putting on protective clothing!!
Mrs CB

Karl Pitwon

About this time last year whilst on my exercise walk I nearly stepped on a young Viper lying in the road. I got my dog out of the way, then picked up a stick and lifted it off the road to safety. What amazed me was the anger of this little critter, striking at the stick the whole time, really ungrateful ........
This is the time of the year when they are coming out of hibernation and can to be seen in the open sunning themselves, trying to warm their bodies up. They are slow and lethargic and find it difficult to get out of your way quick enough, so be aware of this

Craig McGinty

Thanks for the comments, and I'll be keeping an eye out for any more over the coming weeks.
All the best, Craig

Karl Pitwon

Just to add to this thread again, on my lunchtime exercise walk today I spotted a snake lying in the road 40-50 metres ahead of me. From this distance it looked very much adult Viper size, although it did look flattened, strangely enough it was in the same region, on the same road as the rescued young viper of last year.
What worried me was my Border Collie was walking ahead of me rapidly approaching it, soon it would be too late to call him back. He past it without incident, confirming to me that it was possibly dead ....... Boy was I relieved, even more relieved to find out it was only a young 2 foot long Grass snake, very much alive that eventually slithered off the road to safety ;


The French nomenclature of the snake you saw is known as "la couleuvre". When I lived in France my garden was home to scores and scores of them.

Look out for the delightful courtship display ritual in the autumn it's a treat to behold that is unless you happen to be afraid of these intriguing creatures.

Karl Pitwon

Hi Steve
No far from it ...... I am an avid birdwatcher and love anything to do with Wildlife, this country is especially good for that interest, talking about the abundance of these reptiles? a couple of years ago there were 3 of them together in the Fosse beside the road, all 3 were adult, one of them was huge? it actually lay there hissing at us

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