Processionary caterpillars on the prowl

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Ian Gillis

See for a cautionary tale...


It's worse: they kill dogs. I have those beasts around and burn them with diesel when I see them. If a dog gets their hairs in their lungs they die a painful death.

Craig McGinty

Hi Ian and Romke, Thanks for both comments, I hope others keep their eyes open and their pets away from the caterpillars.
All the best, Craig

J Roger Clifford-Banks

A metre? You're kidding! I've seen them disappear beyond the horizon; well maybe not quite, but for several metres anyway. Ian is right, they can be fatal to dogs. Best keep well clear, or, sadly, squelch them under foot.


If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone!


There's a kinda ad-hoc programme of eradication for these little buggers.

In recent years and with warmer weather they've migrated further and further north.

If a dog decides to try and eat them, which often happens, the flesh in the dog's tongue dies, necrosis. The animal can't eat or cool itself (panting) and has to be put down.

They're awful little critters and the comment from 'me' above, well try telling leave 'em alone to your dog. Think.

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