Advice on dealing with estate agents in France

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J Roger Clifford-Banks

In my experience, keep well clear of agents. They tend to be a bunch of uneducated 'wide boys', on the make (much as in the UK).

Much better to do things the old fashioned way; approach the local Mayor. He, or she, knows exactly what's going on, and will tell you if there is anything for sale. After that the local 'Notaires' are all the same; they are basically state employees, and have to abide by strict processes.

French Property Agency

A well presented and useful overview. A shame that the same cannot be said about the rather ill-informed and predudiced opinions provided in the first comments to this post.

Estate agents, like all professionals and trades are represented by both the good and the bad. The trick is to identify the professional agents and it is a simple fact of life that many excellent properties are offered for sale via real estate agents.

The chances are that if you go bothering your local Maire about properties for sale in his region he will simply tell you... "have you asked the local estate agents?".....

jeannie lumb

As a Founder member of the Association of International Property Professionals (, I agree wholeheartedly with the above comment - and disagree with the first comment. The article by Guillaume Barlet is spot on and very informative - just what we need. It is vital that we look to improve the professionalism and process of purchasing property overseas and it's the responsibility of everyone involved in the process to encourage and insist on good quality ,transparent services from those professionals involved. Calling names and 'dissing' property agents does nothing to aid this improvement.

brighton property agents

Its always a good idea to start negotiations in French, and is often a good idea to bring a translator to show the effort and commitment (if you dont speak french). We deal with some french property from our Brighton and Hove offices in the UK, and this is the main issue.

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