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Can you tell me whether there are any web sites with LIVE departure information from Paris Gare de Lyon over the Christmas period?


Craig McGinty

Hi Clive,

Stay up to date through the Gares en Mouvement website:


All the best, Craig


Thanks Craig - exactly what I needed

Unfortunately Eurostar has cancelled all trains on Sunday so we may not even make it to Paris on Monday!



Hi Craig,

this is a very good idea, I am sure people will find this post useful


Craig McGinty

Hi Matthieu, hope the links prove helpful to people, the weather seems particularly troublesome at the moment.
All the best, Craig


Very useful, thanks Craig and the others. I was reflecting earlier that we get more info in the UK about the weather in the USA than we do about Europe. Weather Underground is also a very useful site. Joyeux Noel et Meilleurs Voeux a tous.

Craig McGinty

Hi Giba, must admit Weather Underground is a favourite of mine, for others check out:
All the best, Craig

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