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Thanks Craig. I usually print out info so I can take it between France and the UK, but the print link on the France Telecom page doesn't work, it gets an exception report (I have let them know), so best if you want/need to print, to do it from a print preview from the page itself, avoiding the print link.


I have just used the original number without any problem - the number I have is and it's free from either a land line or their livephone

Craig McGinty

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for that will add it to the piece itself.

All the best, Craig


I just used the number. It is free and it works fine. Very helpful

liz ryan

I just dialled the 01 58 785066 number to be given a new one by a recording, 0800 354 700 75. When I dialled that I got another recording redirecting me to the original 12 info number that is now defunct...pretty well par for France Telecom which is definitely not in the communication business!

liz ryan

Those numbers above seem to have come out wrong. I rang 01 55 785066, was redirected to 0800 364 70075 which redirected me to the defunct 12...where next? Life is too short for FT.

liz ryan

And then I rang 3125 which is the number I originally wanted (in order to change my voicemail recording) whereupon a stern voice said 'you are not authorised to dial this number'. !!!...what are they LIKE

liz ryan

And then I rang their general all-purpose line 1014 which said I wasn't allowed to access it and for further info please ring...1014! (And no, no malentendu, my French is fluent).

Craig McGinty

Hi Liz,

I've just got through on the 09 69 36 39 00 number, but they are only open between 9am - 5pm.

I'll update the piece as I only used the free number I mention this morning, so I think the changes are very recent.

All the best,

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