Buying through Amazon UK instead of Amazon France

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I always compare with prices at because they offer free delivery worldwide and charge in euros.

Kit Thompson

Just had fantastic service from Amazon UK. Of two books oredered for gifts, one arrived with a bent corner [La Poste?] Amazon responded swiftly, from a real person who apologised, informed us that a new copy had been posted today, and that as return postage was likely to be disproportionate would we please keep the damaged book with their compliments. Can't get better than that!

Craig McGinty

Thanks for the comments, a little bit of service goes a long way and haven't seen the Book Depository before, will have an explore.

Kenneth Smith

Hi Craig, Thank you for your continued input on this site, it'a all very helpful. The biggest saving I made recently was buying HDMI cables (you need these to connect modern tv's to Freesat boxes and sound systems). In the shops in France and Belgium these are a huge price €30+. Online via Amazon they are a fraction of the price and even accounting for the postage costs, represent a big saving.

Geoffrey Coan

Conversely I needed to buy a Velux blind and found that it was much much cheaper to buy it from than
I guess there is more demand for Velux products in France than in the UK and thus the prices are better.
Only challenge I had was that I had to have the blind delivered to our French address - which we're not usually at - and so next time I was over I had an additional 6 mile trip each way to the "local" post office to collect it.

Craig McGinty

Must admit delivery can be an issue, people often worry about parcels going astray especially when being delivered to countryside addresses.

louise peters

I am wanting to purchase gift card through amazon for my daughter in France. Do I go to Amazon France or Amazon uk? Can she purchase DVDs or books in English through amazon france?
I am sure someone will know the answer. Ta

Karl Pitwon

This is so true ...... Just ordered a pair of boots from Amazon.UK, instead of usual Amazon .FR

Amazon UK price £39 = using their online converter 43 euros.

Amazon FR Price for same pair of boots ....... 129 euros

Bruce Blinds

I have lived in a few different countries, Germany being the last country I lived in outside of the UK. The emmergence of ecommerce, and the ability to buy from UK companies for shipping globally means that we could always get the things we knew & loved. Much like buying from for delivery to france, we bought from amazon UK for delivery to Germany, along with bits & bobs from eBay.


I wonder if anyone has had experience of buying somthing from Amazon UK made specifically for the english market and having it delivered in France. My worry is that if I purchase a computer from UK it may arrive with a french keyboard and french software. Dell France will not supply what I want and Dell UK will not ship, but it is available on Amazon.

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