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Here's mine - carry a couple of spare inner tubes as well as a puncture repair kit. They don't cost much or weigh much and changing an inner tube takes less than 60 seconds but finding and mending a puncture in the wind and rain takes forever. And check your tyre for sharp objects extremely carefully before putting the new tube in or you will have a second puncture about 10 seconds later.

Craig McGinty

Thanks for those tips Marcus, I know you write after many kilometres of experience ;-)


I was disappointed by the blog, not because it is not useful, but because what I want to know is how easy it is to find accommodation in France. I would like to ride, say, from Saint Malo to Marseilles, averaging about 40km per day 80km one day, zero the next). I don't want to plan my ride so I know where I'll be every evening ... I want to be able to arrive somewhere at 3pm and find a cheap bed. If I look at the net, I seem to find minimum 50Euro which doesn't seem that cheap to me, despite the excellent exchange rates we Aussies now enjoy. Any suggestions other than dipping deeper into my retirement fund? When travelling by car, I have been able to sleep in the car at a pinch, but sleeping on a bike is a different alternative.

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