My experience of getting broadband in France

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Welcome back to the ether that is the internet.Keep up the good work.

Richard Charman

I have used four methods to gain internet access whilst staying at the Chateau of the Great Sun ( )

1) A 3G Vodaphone card which worked very well. 2) A BT Broadband Mobile dongle (useless - it struggled to open the internet and was far too slow to use - interestingly it was similarly useless on the Scilly Isles a few weeks later.)
3) My mobile phone - I use 02 - it worked ok, but not adequately to work.
4) Used the local internet cafe to access my personal emails - but would not do so for work.

Internet access really should be much simpler wherever one is.

Bob Toovey

Hey Craig, great you are back and in the cloud. France Telecom are really slow when it comes to making ADSL connections. Most ISP's quote up to 15 days to get enabled, they have to wait for FT. There does not seem to be anyway around it, their monopoly I guess.

Also, not helpful are the multiple costs and paper work. It seems like they really like to make you jump through hoops!

Craig McGinty

Hi all, it is good to be back up and running, just take ages to get through the back log!!!
All the best, Craig

David Ash

Orange came up trumps for me, the order was done quickly and arrived within three days. It worked immediately. Can't say that about UK Telecom, who I would never use again.


Against all advice from loads of people, we went with we have had no trouble at all. 32€ a month, includes line , free calls to most countries. Even cancelled the rental for months when we were on hols. Nothing bu good fast service, I understand it is not always available in rural areas.

Craig McGinty

Hi all, thanks for passing on your own experiences of broadband in France. I am sure other readers find the comments useful.
All the best, Craig


Hi Craig,

Although not France Telecom, we are waiting for the satellite package to arrive from Nordnet.

I just hope it does what it says on the box, otherwise Rex is going to have my guts for garters!

Glad you are back on line. Have missed your mails and the site.


interested in the idea of turning off broadband and only using it when there as have holiday home. (moving for good next year).
Does anyone have any info please?


Moving to charente post code 16. Does anyone know of any motorbike clubs for british classic bikes.


Again, we use Neuf. You don't need the France Telecom line so you save on the 16€ per month on top of what Orange charge. We used Orange but found it very unreliable. Then went with Darty, again, not so reliable. Neuf very reliable, been with them a year now. The Wifi is excellent also, and this included in the price (unlike Orange).


I have experienced real delays with France Telecom delivering the Livebox - 3 weeks in fact. The English helpline is fine when it is operational but I get the feeling they are just good customer service people with no control / insight into FT real service. After a nightmare getting the box sent back to them I won't be going back to FT in a hurry.

Craig McGinty

Hi all, many thanks for comments. Reading the wide range of experiences people have had, it makes you think that if a company could just provide a simple service, with clear solutions to problems they'd prove very popular!

And in answer to Janet, some suppliers offer a sans engagement service which doesn't tie you into a contract similar to the one I mention in the piece.

Whilst I thought it might prove useful for some the time it could take to connect and disconnect the service for your temporary needs means you might spend 10 days or so without any connection.

I would read the terms and conditions carefully if you were to go down this route.

All the best, Craig

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