Take a virtual tour through the Lascaux caves

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it's in french...... BOOOOO. get billugual already

Craig McGinty

Don't fret Ben, please see:


Beth E. Smith

This website is AMAZING! I don't have 4 hours to explore it fully, but in the half hour I went through the caves, WOW!


Great site! I'm doing an art presentation on Lascaux to a 3rd grade class. I'd love to show this video, to give the kids a sense of exploring a cave and finding this treasure trove. Can this video be downloaded? thanx!


My boys (under 10) and I went to Lascaux a few years ago and were blown away by the intricacy of it all. Well done to the French for creating an EXACT replica of Lascaux to the nearest mm, so we can see all its glories there, without our effects on the humidity affecting the original. Great idea.

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