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“tu deja pas gouter le vrai!”
"tu n'as pas encore gouté le vrai!" is more french ^^
Greeting from france

Craig McGinty

Hi Ludo, many thanks for that but I reckon however it was said it would be quite a job to convince Christopher to finish off a plate of andouillette ;-)
All the best, Craig


Regarding the 'joys' of consuming andouillette, I've done it once and throughout the experience I was inwardly gagging and only the need to avoid insulting my hosts prevented me from spitting/vomiting the whole vile mess into their kitchen sink in front of them. I mean intestines wrapped in intestines, it says it all doesn't it! The taste and smell just says no, no, no, you shouldn't be eating this you know it!!

J Roger Clifford-Banks

Andouillette is the only thing in the whole of Europe that in 100% inedible. Give me shoe-leather pie, or 6 inch nails and chips, but never the dreaded Andouillette. Steve, gagging isn't the word for it.

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