One for the bug hunters

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I think it is a female cricket nymph s it has no wings, and possibly a variety of house cricket

Singing cricket

Not a nymph but indeed a female cricket: Ephippigère des vignes (Ephippiger ephippiger). It is a type of bush cricket which bears wing atrophy. Well, I have spent way too much time in the countryside as a child ...

Craig McGinty

Hi there,
Many thanks for replying, I'm sure Steve is pleased to find out what it was. I know I am.
All the best, Craig

Philip Voice

I remember when I stayed at a Gite many years ago there were several black ones crawling up the kitchen wall.

When I returned to the UK I told the gite owner that I thought he had cockroaches :)

Jo Mullett

I think it is a saddle-backed bush cricket but I'm no insect on French species. What a lovely creature!

Jo Mullett

I meant I'm no expert - not insect! (too much Normandy cider)

Peter Griffin

Confirm it is a saddle bush cricket (ephippiger ephippiger)

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