Motor rally at Sauveterre la Lemance

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Karl Pitwon

I know this is nothing to do with the mentioned Rally, But I would like to bring to attention that every year at this time we seem to have convoys of british registered cars racing through our small village at an incredibly fast and dangerous speed, with no thought for anyone but their stupid selves , obviously on their way to the Le mans 24 hr rally.
I do hope their speed did not go unnoticed by the efficient Gendarmes


With respect I would like to point out that people you mention have nothing whatsoever in common with the vast majority of law abiding and responsible car enthusiasts in other areas of France.

Gina J

Absolutely spot-on Karl. (And Ernie too - enthusiasts, when law abiding, agreed). We often notice as part of the (mainly) British, but also locals 'look at me' mentality, both residents and holidaymakers seem to want to speed and take off in cars with a spit of gravel, beeping of horns and 'nul' music played at high volume. As a rich-ish friend of mine used to say 'Don't make so much fuss, people will think it's your only car'.

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