Boost for English language France Telecom helpline

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Graeme Swan

closes at 5 pm - just called @ 17:53pm


Our French landline is down at the moment. It cut off all of a sudden not long ago. We called the English helpline, who said they couldn't help with broken lines and told us to call the main France Telecom number. We called three times and no one answered. When we finally got through (on our Skype Out number) we struggled to explain the problem (and ended up making 'white noise' sounds to demonstrate down the phone) and just as we were getting somewhere the line went dead. Not sure if the operator got fed up, if she thought the line had got cut off due to our noise-making or if Skype failed at a very annoying moment! So, our line is still down and I'm glad to see the link to your April post on how to report it online. Think I'll give that a try instead! Thanks! :)

Craig McGinty

Hi Graham,

Many thanks for that, I wasn't able to check when it might be available.

Once I have a proper line I'll double check, for now I'll just leave the article as it is.

All the best,


I had a similar problem with no connection.I ended up with a charge of approx.130.00 euros added to my direct debit account.they charged 55 euros for a visit which never occured and I was never able to find what the extra charge was for.they are able to charge without invoices.I eventually found I had a problem with a cable on my property and had to have it fixed by another contractor.The english service sounded good but they cannot deal with connection problems.I gave up trying to find out about the charges and just hope nothing further goes wrong.

Jill Brackstone

ANY improvement would be welcome! Last year I spent three months (in the Tarn et Garonne) trying to get a land line. The English Language Helpine was as useless as the rest of France Telecom ----and I speak pretty good French.
They are very expensive, unhelpful and any complaint or pleading for help is greeted with the usual Gallic shrug.
I LOVE everything about France EXCEPT France Telecom

Craig McGinty

Hi there, many thanks for your comments. Staff members of the France Telecom service do read the site so hopefully they will appreciate the feedback.
All the best, Craig


I have used the FT English helpline previously and found them helpful but it took a little while to connect.
Phoned them this week and a message says the number has changed to 0800 364 775 (the old freephone number from france.
I then dialled 0033 800 364 775 from England and got through almost immediately and a very well spoken assistant arranged to reconnect my phone and broadband for my summer visit to my residence secondaire.

Craig McGinty

Hi Alex, great to hear that France Telecom was able to help you out. I hope that it's a good sign for others.
All the best, Craig

john acton

We have a residence secondaire in France, but live in the UK for 300-plus days each year.
Our first demand for Taxes d'habitation and Fonciere became due Jan 09, but was at the rate for full-time occupancy.(530 euros Fonciere, 460 euros d'Habitation)
We were expecting a significant rebate, (50%-ish, as in UK)
The French tax officer told us that there is no reduction for our circumstances.
An English friend living full-time in france also thought there was a rebate for limited occupancy. Has the rule changed recently, or have we picked up incorrect information somewhere?
(For info, we are both senior citizens)
Thanks, John


Hi Craig,

a little correction there, the service is opened from 9am to 5pm, on both commercial and technical lines, not 8:30am to 8pm.

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