Making plans for a new French life

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Very exciting Craig! Good luck with your move. I can't wait to read all about your new adventures.

Craig McGinty

Hi Loulou, many thanks for your message and as long as the French internet pipes don't block up I'm hoping for some entertaining times ;-)
All the best, Craig


That's good to hear Craig, you'll be almost 'just down the road from us'. If you want to record me speaking I have a French dialect that can only be described as unique...

Jean Brookes

Welcome back to La Belle France! You write in such a compelling way that I look forward to reading more on This French Life once you are settled.

Bon courage

Paul K

Bravo, and welcome back!

Good luck with the move. Looking forward to seeing you back on the site very soon.

Craig McGinty

Hi all, many thanks for your messages and looking forward to starting some new features on the site, as well as some good weather ;-)
All the best, Craig

Guillaume Barlet

Bonne Chance Craig!

I'm sure France will warmly welcome you with a glass of wine.

Craig McGinty

Problem is Guillaume - I'll just have more questions to pester you with ;-)
All the best, Craig

William Knight

Good luck with the move, Craig. I didn't know you were planning a country-switch.



Best of luck with the move Craig, Loubejac is just down the road. It would be great to meet up for a drink and a natter.

Annelie le Grange

Congratulations! Now you can live my dream. Best of luck with the move; keep notes - all moves are normally quite eventful.

Craig McGinty

Hi all, many thanks for the best wishes, and we can definitely meet up Gerry. Not heading out as far as you though William ;-) And I hope I can help you Annelie in discovering some hidden corners of France.
All the best, Craig

Sally Crocker

Keep us 'twittered' won't you ? Bonne Chance

Marie johnston

Fabulous Craig! You're in our neighborhood too (Excideuil) Hope to meet you - we'll be there in August - right after having completed our 'lock, stock & barrel' move from California! Vive la France! ps: will contact you on FB

Craig McGinty

Hi Sally, you wont be able to keep me away from the land of Twitter, and best of luck Marie with your own move from California and I'll see you on Facebook.
All the best, Craig

Patrick O'Connell

Best of luck for 'the second coming'

Craig McGinty

Hi Patrick, many thanks for the best wishes :-)
All the best, Craig

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