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I've had my gîtes 7 years and have always had public liability insurance and the buildings and guest contents were insured in case of fire & theft (even if the fire was caused by guests). It is important to inform your insurance company that you run a gîte business and check the small print to be sure what is included before signing up to insurance.
I have now gone 'professional' so have taken out a more extensive policy with Prevadica through my bank, Crédit Agricole. This also covers guest damage, which my previous policy didn't. If a guest causes damage, my insurace will re-imburse me and then chase the guest for payment through their insurance. I haven't had to claim yet, but I can still see a potential problem with non French guests who may not have public liability or travel insurance and therefore my insurance company will not be able to recover anything.

Craig McGinty

Many thanks Susan for passing on you experience of insuring your gîtes, I hope others find it helpful.
All the best, Craig


I have recently rented a French villa that was not equipped with a land line telephone.
It was situated remotely in a rural area.
Would the owners have been able to obtain fire insurance for the property bearing in mind that reliance on mobile phones is not guaranteed, eg, battery failure and signal strength?



You raise in interesting point. Ideally the property owner should check with their insurer, as being uninsured for fire could be costly.

In most cases I expect it wouldn’t be a problem as many properties are remote and there is the argument of how quickly the emergency services would arrive anyway. If in doubt, always check with your insurer.



I have just joined this discussion as we are in the process of booking a gite with Gites de France and they have asked for proof of insurance cover for accidental damage to the property as it shouild be covered by our houshold insutrance. As we have British Insurance it isn't (I checked with the insurance company). My question is how do we get this cover as I don't think holiday insurance will cover it as our British insurance company said it should be the owners public liability insurance which covers the property, not ours.

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