English language guide to l'auto entrepreneur updated

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Cynthia in France

Thanks so much for this great info. I'm an American living in the French Alps and I'm looking into starting a business here and all the info I can get in English is so appreciated. Keep it coming! Cynthia in France (Alia FranceVideosGal)

Craig McGinty

Hi Cynthia, hope it helps as the l'auto-entrepreneur system could prove very useful.
All the best, Craig

Angela Alcorn

Thanks so much for this post. It's exactly what I needed. :)


can any one tell me the catorgories of an auto entipreneur my husband is a builder and does most jobs but now after an accident can only do small works ie nothing to heavy? can you tell me the choices there are to choose thanks

Craig McGinty

Hi Cherie,
In the back of the .pdf download above there is a list of the different professions featuring the original French and English translation.
Hope this helps,


AS I an a uk resident tax payer, can anyone tell me if I have to pay tax to the french or uk government when I do vide greniers. I am told that i should register as an auto entrenpreneur but I understand that I must be a french resident for this.

Can anyone help me as no-one seems to know?

Very grateful to you, Jennifer


What an excellent site. I have two questions:

1) If both my wife and I work in the same (registered auto-entrepreneur) business, is our earnings ceiling doubled? (I suspect not)

2) Would the A-E scheme include full state health cover for my wife and I?

Appreciate any help available! Glenn

Craig McGinty

Hi Glenn, only individuals can be registered as an l'auto-entrepreneur, and any 'employee' can't be registered as one either. And you would be paying social charges towards health cover based upon turnover.
All the best, Craig

Craig McGinty

Hi Jennifer, if you live and work from the UK then you are considered UK resident. There are particular rules about residency, you can't decide yourself, so much will depend upon your individual circumstance.
This from the HMRC might help:
All the best,


Hi Am a french nationality holder but living in pondicherry (india)... can i become l'auto-entrepreneur by starting a buisness here in india

Craig McGinty

Hi Devarajan, I'm afraid the l'auto-entrepreneur system is only open to those people resident in France. Kind regards, Craig


Can anyone confirm for me that auto-entrepreneurs receive health coverage (the carte verte)? I see one makes contributions, but that doesn't quite assure me. Perhaps the coverage would be contingent on a certain level of income/taxes.

Craig McGinty

Hi Megan, you should receive health coverage via the carte vitale as long as you are paying into the auto-entrepreneur system.
Even those who have some slack periods will still be entitled, but if you do not make any contributions for a longer period of time you are likely to receive some form of communication.
There is more info, in French, on the social cover you will receive here:
All the best,


Thanks, Craig! Very reassuring.


how can I check that someone is actually registered as an autoentrepreneur? He says he did so last week and is waiting for the proof but can start work now.


Hi! I am about to begin claiming Chomage after being made redundant for economic reasons from my previous job. Can I continue to claim chomage whilst at the same time trying to set up as an Auto-Entrepreneur? Grateful for any advice! Thanks!

Craig McGinty

Hi CherryT, I would talk to the staff handling your unemployment claim as there is special assistance available for people who register on the auto-entrepreneur scheme whilst looking for work.
Hope this helps, Craig


I am currently being offered cash-in-hand for regular unskilled work 5-6 hours per week. I am keen to work legally + in the system, so would registering as an Auto-entrepreneur enable me to do this?

Craig McGinty

Hi Rose, you are definitely better off being properly registered. Whether you can apply to the auto-entrepreneur system depends upon the actual work you do. The downloadable guide and auto-e website will help you narrow down the job type you are in.
All the best, Craig

nikola STRONG


Does anybody know if I register as an auto-entrepreneur will my husband and 2 children be covered for health cover aswell as me?




WOW - great translation, however I think I need another translation into simple terms! My head hurst a bit!

I have a couple of questions as I want to start my business in January and am trying to research this carefully to see if it is actually worth doing.

Our household is a married couple. My wife earns well and is employed as French employee. I have not been working but am looking to start up my small business as a Graphic designer/Marketing consultant. (so should be inthe €32,000 euro 23% tax bracket I think?)

However our house hold income without me earning anything would be over the €25,000 euro bracket, does that mean I cannot use the pay as you go system and have to file my accounts with our household return? and I did read through but can't make out how this would effect the tax brackets?

Also I have my own carte vitale under my wife's payments, does this effect the payments I or she have to make and or do I get issued an alternative carte?

The other question is about the tax bracket after 3 years? do you automatically leave the auto entrepeneur system? I couldn't quite understand it?

Funny really I have been looking forward to getting back to work but am really quite scared about taking the first steps in case I get caught out somewhere!!

cheers all!



I originally registered a micro BNC back in Nov last year, but have switched to Auto Entrepreneur this year; and have made the May and October quarterly payments. Today I got a cotisations request from CIPAV for pension contributions of over €600 ( I nearly cried ) has the system not caught up yet, or am I going to have to find this extra money from somewhere ?

any advice most welcome


I'm hoping to set up a small business selling plants by post. Is this allowed under AE, or is it excluded as being somehow 'agricultural'?


So, if I understand correctly, it is enough to register to receive health insurance. Even if we are new to France and have not (been) registred before. Or do we need to apply for health, pension, or any of the other benefits with other organisations ?


Could you tell me how I make a monthly return on line for auto entrepreneur,great translation and I am now registered,I now think that might have been the easy bit


If I register as an auto entrepreneur am I allowed to work outside France, so long as I declare all my income? For example could I teach English, sometimes in France, but also sometimes in other countries?


If my husband registers as auto entrepreneur will I be able to get a carte vitale, as his dependant? also what is the minimum earnings to join?


is it possible for 2 people living at the same address to have 2 separate auto entrepreneurs. if so how does this work tax wise?

Craig McGinty

Hi Alexi, two people living at the same address could apply as auto-entrepreneurs, you would just complete the forms separately. If you are married or in a PACS then you would be taxed jointly.
Hope this helps, Craig

Lee Aston

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