Print and buy your own stamps from La Poste

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Ian Gillis

Hi Craig - thanks for the tip; it's a nice idea and came up just when I needed a few stamps for letters to the UK. However when I tried to do a "trial print" of a dozen stamps it didn't happen in Firefox 3, so I switched to Internet Exploder 7 which worked and gave me a dozen specimen copies of a stamp with a sweet pussycat on it. Then I tried to enter 7,80€ for the prepayment, which gave an error message which said I had to enter 7.80€ (note the full stop). I tried all combinations, then gave up and went down to the Post Office.
Maybe I'll try later when the bugs have been sorted!

Craig McGinty

Hi Ian, sometimes the tech can get in the way of the job at hand - think you were right to head off to the Post Office.
All the best, Craig


I have just printed up paid for french stamps, but how on earth do I stick them to the packages?

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