Alcoholics Anonymous support in France

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Hi Craig,

I wrote a post about the effects of alcohol addiction on my blog recently:

It took Paul Gascgoine's situation (after I watched obs doc 'Surviving Gazza') and explored some of the feelings and obstacles that addicts - and families of alcoholics - face from my point of view.

I would really like to link to your post from mine if you don't mind?

Hope you're well!

Craig McGinty

Hi Frances, I read your piece and you do get a very different insight into alcoholism. And of course there is no problem with linking across.
All the best, Craig


I'm newly into recovery (13 days) and would like to attend AA meetings (preferably in English). However, there are no meetings listed in my area. I live in the Correze (19). So far I've found only meetings in French, in Tulle (1 hour away); and Brive (1 hour and 20 minutes away). That's all. Anyone else interested in joining me and setting up meetings around the Argentat area? Anyone know how to go about this. Many thanks.


Hello fellow AA's !

I am looking for women's sober living in Paris.
Not expensive but safe.

Thanks so much for any information.



I am writing about a new English-speaking meeting forming in Seine-et-Marne, outside Avon and Fontainebleau, near Bois-le-Roi and Samois-sur-Seine. It is hard to find info on these reunions outside of Paris.

We are meeting so far in each others' homes, until we get big enough to sustain a meeting room. I can be reached at 01-72-79-26-27. Usual time is Sunday nights, 8:00. My name is Andree. Okay to leave a message (both in recovery).

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