Insurance advice following storms in France

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It mentioned on the French news that you should tell your insurance company in writing within 5 days if you plan to make a claim, giving details.
Note also that we told our insurance company we would be claiming for food that had been in a freezer (our power was off two days) and they need photos of the food before paying!

Craig McGinty

Hi Marcus, I must agree that it is important that people contact insurance services immediately, and it does seem that photographic evidence will play an important part of any claim.
I hope your place didn't suffer any damage and that things are getting back to normal.
All the best, Craig


Some good advice by Marcus and Craig.

As mentioned, some insurers require damage to be reported within a certain number of days, so check your policy terms.

Following the 100mph winds, we are getting reports mainly of roof tiles being blown away which could lead to further damage by water. If you haven’t had chance to inspect for damage, ask a neighbour or housekeeper to visit your property.

Just some points to consider.

Hope you are all safe.

Craig McGinty

Thanks for those tips, here's hoping people are beginning to get back on an even keel.
All the best, Craig

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