Looking forward on the coming year - part 1

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Pete, FrogBlogger

Good that Gregor at least didn't succumb to the predictable!

I have a couple of businesses which are very much involved with the Anglo-French connection - freight forwarding, and tourism linked. In contrast to the statutory optimism above, I would like to predict a terrible 2009 with possibly worse sterling/euro rates, a major expansion in MacDonalds outlets, accelerating homogeneity between British and French cultures (ie adoption of Anglo-Saxon ways in the Hexagon), an increase in diesel taxes, and considerably less people taking holidays abroad.

As for self-interested, self-promotional waffle about imminent house price recovery in France, if anyone is taken in by that then more fool them!

Craig McGinty

Hi Pete, thanks for your comment, a bit harsh I feel, but here's hoping your bit of reverse psychology works and such dire
predictions may see the economy turn a corner.
All the best, Craig

Paul Kendall

I think Phil's belittlement of the euro has as much basis in fact as his prediction of the summer weather!

However, I hope he is right on both counts!

Still, no, Pete, I wasn't taken in by what seems to be an article written by someone who would rather like to be interviewed on Five Live.

ANNA - The Riviera Woman

Whatever happens, will happen. I am not being philosophical just trying to be pragmatic about the world situation but perhaps it is a time to re-evaluate our own situations and not to take things for granted and to return to some of the values we may have forgotten due to complacency, such as giving a good service and just stopping to listen to people and who knows, we may actually learn something new. So here's to 2009 and at least these historic times are not about war. We have to learn to stop moaning.

Pete, FrogBlogger

My apologies Craig, it had been a tough day. Clearly my 'strength needs leveraging'. How does one go about this? A work-out bench? Some magic pills?

Anna - what allegedly gets countries out of economic depression? Ah well, always look on the bright side of life etc, and a HNY to one and all...

ANNA FILL - The Riviera Woman

Just to echo Pete, HNY to one and all. I have an interest in economics but I am no expert. There is no easy solution to the economic depression and opinion is divided on how we all deal with it. The first heave was to accept there was a problem. It is no good to bury one's head. In my opinion, we have to start at basic level... look to our own situation. Are we living beyond our means - brutal I may be, but many do. This has usually been driven by one-up-man-ship and greed. I do believe in speculating to accumulate but within reason. Businesses are saying that they need to have huge loans to survive?? No ride is free and it is a huge expensive risk using other people's money. Back to basics and good planning is needed. Small businesses need to be encouraged and free enterprising. In France, it has to become simpler to set up in business, to discourage the black economy. All trees come from small acorns.
None of this is simple... but the world will not stop spinning so we have to get on with it and keep plugging away and if it means we go down before we go back up again, so be it, everything goes in cycles.

Philip Voice



Euro suffered its biggest ever one day loss against the pound.
"With the situation in Europe deteriorating quite rapidly it leaves the euro quite vulnerable," said Ian Stannard, senior currency strategist at BNP Paribas in London.

Philip Voice


Philip Voice

"2009 is expected to be one of the top-five warmest years on record, despite continued cooling of huge areas of the tropical Pacific Ocean, a phenomenon known as La Niña.

"According to climate scientists at the Met Office and the University of East Anglia the global temperature is forecast to be more than 0.4 °C above the long-term average.

"This would make 2009 warmer than the year just gone and the warmest since 2005."


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